Accessibility Redesign

Making a 1000+ page experience accessible, user-friendly, and engaging

Pacific Gas and Electric came to SapientNitro with a daunting task: redesign all 1000+ pages of their current website—from redefining the experience structure, rewriting page content, and updating visual styles. All with one, extra, very important requirement: all of the content on the entire site had to meet WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility compliance.

My contributions on this project were manifold.

As the lead content strategist, I was responsible for managing and directing the efforts of two other content strategists, while also taking part in the work myself.

My track was responsible for auditing the current state, and attaching a disposition rec to each page, determining whether the page should be rewritten (and if so, to what degree), archived, or migrated as is. That initial work involved into a revision matrix, which not only listed each page’s recommendation, but mapped it to new templates and CMS components (of which I played a heavy role in designing, thanks to producing a content model of 20+ content types) in addition to the experience’s sitemap.

After the completion of the revision matrix, I was tasked with preparing “content entry templates” for a team of 9 copywriters. These templates listed out the components of every page, and distilled them to their elements in the content model, allowing the writers to “create” pages but never touch the CMS. These templates, once completed, would be sent to an authoring team off shore for development and QA.

All of this, in addition to serving as the main CS point-of-contact for the client.

  • Content Audit
  • Content Revision Matrix
  • Content Model
  • Content Development Templates
  • Sitemap (in collaboration with XD)
  • CMS components (in collaboration with XD + tech)
  • CMS page templates (in collaboration with XD + tech)

The work is still ongoing, with the content creation phase kicking off in the near future.

  • Demonstrates my experience leading a track
  • Shows management experience
  • Indicates ability to plan and deliver for an entire content strategy project, from discover through implement
  • Highlights expertise in a variety of deliverables.