Small and Medium Business Discovery

The strategy to make an experience work for small, yet vital, customers

PG&E’s digital department had engaged SapientNitro for a full accessibility redesign of their website a month prior to this work. When another department, charged with advocating PG&E to small and medium businesses got wind, they also asked us to redesign their own part of the site experience.

First, that required some discovery work—figuring out not only what the motivations and goals of this group were, but also, what their customers needs and expectations were.

For this project, I was tasked with leading the content discovery effort. Primarily, this involved a content audit of the existing state of PG&E’s SMB experience. I examined content for brand alignment, readability, navigation, usefulness and more, to determine what should stay, what should be rewritten, and what should be archived.

I also participated in 4 client workshops, bringing the content strategy point-of-view to figure out what the client wanted from their future state content. As both user and stakeholder interviews were a part of this project, I also handled the content portion of the interview script.

  • Content audit of 250+ pages
  • Content Strategy stakeholder interviews
  • Content Strategy workshop participation
  • Future State Strategy presentation (in collaboration with UX, Visual Design, and Experience Strategy)

We presented our future state strategy framework to the PG&E SMB stakeholders, documenting everything we found, as well as our plan to optimize their experience.

Our presentation went well, as we won the chance to execute a design phase in tandem with the full accessibility redesign taking place!

  • Demonstrates ability to lead content discovery efforts, from stakeholder interviews, workshops, and more
  • Shows close collaboration with other disciplines to produce unified discovery document
  • Balances a deep, factual analysis of the current state with longterm, creative visioning