Developing hundreds of pieces of content for a very particular audience

First as an internship, and years later, as a freelance assignment, American Student Assistance needed to develop content to support their SALT Brand. The content in this case was in the form of written blog posts paired with relevant images.

I was asked to write from the “student perspective,” and share thoughts around personal finance, student loans, careers, college life, and more with the goal of engaging students to sign-up for SALT and begin taking charge of their own finances. Through the years, I’ve produced hundreds of articles for ASA.

I authored blog posts, as well as other larger-scale content items like comics and eBooks. I also supported video production when necessary.

  • Developed content (articles, images, eBooks, comics, etc.)

4-years from my initial beginnings as an intern, ASA has built up a robust editorial content presence in the world of student finances. Their user-base has increased ten-fold, and their content department has been empowered to try out new initiatives, a few of which I also play a role in.

  • Writing ability and content development aptitude
  • Editorial planning and content creation skills
  • Ability to handle diverse content types across a centralized channel
  • Loyalty and dedication to causes or organizations I believe are making a difference