SALT Community

Evolving content and cause to be more social

Although ASA had seen great success with its SALT editorial efforts, they realized the nature of the problem they were trying to solve (student indebtedness) needed to become more social and discussion based in nature. Hence, the content team’s effort to create a community platform of both “experts” and users to talk about these issues over relevant content.

In my role as a community expert, I am primarily a writer—I’m tasked with creating “micro” blog posts that are more discussion-based in nature. However, I’m also required to be a community manager, in that I’m also responsible for getting users to discuss my pieces and keep the conversation going. Writing the content isn’t just enough: it has to stand up to the test of user engagement, too.

  • Write blog posts and other content
  • Community management and facilitation
  • Use and management of Jive community platform when necessary

At the time of writing this (7/15/15), the SALT Community is still up, running, and helping students get their financial questions answered. The content team has been pleased by the results, and the project is gaining traction internally within ASA.

  • Ability to ideate, write, and manage discussion-focused, social content
  • Talent for researching and understanding user needs and wants to keep them engaged
  • Community management and facilitation skills
  • Management of Jive CMS when necessary