FCA Responsive Header and Footer

Assuring header and footer content was consistent across 5 brands, and 4 breakpoints

Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles, a major automobile manufacturer, asked SapientNitro to perform a large scale redesign of many of their digital properties. A small, albeit essential offshoot of that work involved the responsive header and footer they had installed across their Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, Fiat, and Dodge brand websites.

The header and footer contained a great deal of complex, interactive content. As they detected smaller device screen sizes, they would shrink, and certain content would be bumped out of each. Except, nobody knew exactly what content was lost upon shrinking, and there was concern that content might actually have been essential. Extensive content documentation was in order.

For this project, I was required to document header/footer content for all 5 brands in a “matrix” (which, given the site was current state, was actually more like an audit.) Detailed and accurate documentation was needed, as my matrices were to be handed off to our offshore tech team, who would then adjust the site according to content priority.

  • 5 content matrices

Our tech group was able to successfully use the matrices as documents for their work, and was pleased with the detailed level of documentation involved.

  • Demonstrates ability to analyze and document high-functionality content
  • Shows consistency amongst process and approach (ie, all 5 brands treated the same)
  • Exemplifies workflow between content strategy and technology
  • Highlights comfort working with cross-device, responsive content to create omnichannel experiences