Loblaws Holiday Campaign

Documenting campaign content across multiple states and two languages

Loblaw Companies Limited, the largest food retailer in Canada, runs a holiday campaign every December for their President’s Choice brand. The campaign gets its own landing page on the Presidents Choice website, and features certain festive products with rich images, copy, and other information.

During the 2014 holiday season, LCL tapped SapientNitro to create an experience in Adobe Experience Manager that would engage and delight their holiday shoppers. The greatest challenge, though, was supplying enough content to support the experience.

My role on this project was to assure that all the necessary content items for the holiday landing page were accounted for, up to quality, and had the correct information paired with them. Many items existed in multiple states, such as images that had featured text layered on top, and product detail pages that were in both French and English. The only way to keep track of everything, was to create a detailed content matrix.

Documentation was key here, because our off-shore team in India was going to use it to actually create the experience. If something was missing in the matrix, it wouldn’t make it onto the site.

  • Content Matrix

After vetting the documentation with both the client and India, we were able to deliver the holiday experience on time and according to plan. LCL was delighted with it, and we presume their shoppers were, too.

This project shows that I’m capable of detailed, international content documentation projects. The content matrix and the content itself touched 3 different geographies and had to be explained in 3 different languages, but was still delivered on par and as expected.