Loblaw's Colleague Discount Program & My Account

Documenting content across two micro-experiences in two languages

Loblaws came to SapientNitro to help define two micro experiences for their already robust PC Plus (the name of their loyalty program) website. Both of these mini experiences would digitize burdensome, manual processes users had expressed complaints about.

The first, dubbed “My Account,” would allow two users to merge their existing accounts and the requisite points in each: a common ask from both couples and families.

The second, “Colleague Discount Program,” gave¬†Loblaws employees the ability to¬†link their PC Plus employee discount to the PC cards of their family members, allowing the discount to extend beyond just the one employee card.

My deliverable for both was a dedicated content matrix which mapped the content for the experiences to their respective wireframes and templates.

My role was to document the content for each experience in a dedicated content matrix, mapping back to the wireframes for each. Because Loblaw’s is a Canadian company, all of its digital content is in both French and English, which required me to include language states for both.

  • (2) Content Matrices

Both experiences came to life, making these two workflows much easier for PC Plus members and Loblaws employees.

It shows my ability to create detailed content documentation deliverables, across multiple languages, in order to bring experiences to life.