Paytronix Internal Content Strategy

Defining and pitching content strategy as an inside employee

When I graduated college, I immediately began work as a Content Manager at Paytronix Systems. Although it was my very first job, the company was small-mid sized (about 60 people) and needed help freshening up its marketing efforts. My role during my time there was to define organizational content strategy. That meant not only writing or making the content myself, but getting the President and other senior leaders to see content as a valuable investment—a far from easy task.

During my first months on the job, I spent time defining our content strategy. Figuring out what topics we should talk about, who should take ownership of it, what the approval process looked like, how often we posted. I pitched and refined these ideas to the senior leadership team various times until I had buy-in from everyone.

After that, my day-to-day role consisted of actually ideating and creating content for our channels, as well as managing the development of the Paytronix blog by our digital agency. It was a lot of responsibility for a junior employee, but I like to think the experience I gained there but me on the fast track to becoming a dedicated content strategist.

  • Content POC and project owner
  • Upwards of 50 blog posts, articles, white papers, emails, or videos
  • Management of our marketing automation platform (Marketo)
  • Management of company blog
  • Management of outside PR agency and digital agency

Content was confusing and not prioritized before I joined Paytronix. I’d like to think my work during my year-long tenure gave them the foundation to build a robust and powerful content presence in the B2B  restaurant technology industry. I’m happy to report they still regularly publish high quality content to this day.

  • Shows ability to create and sell content strategy to internal key, senior stakeholders
  • Demonstrates writing and creative aptitude around content production
  • Exemplifies management and leadership ability around agency and key project management
  • Shows persistence and hardwork in pushing content as an initiative within organizations