Philips Lifeline B2B

Building a B2B experience off a B2C beginning

Philips Lifeline had already tapped SapientNitro to create a B2C website for them in Adobe Experience Manager. Their digital success with the site prompted them to create an experience for their B2B customers, who could not engage in the eCommerce functionality the B2C site provided. The largest dependency on this project was defining this B2B audience at a content level: determining what content they needed to read and engage with in order to make the experience successful.

We approached the task of site creation head on, but there was one small caveat. To create consistent experiences, Philips wanted only the templates and module from the B2C site to be used.

Content was a heavy ask throughout this project. As such, I started by doing a comprehensive audit of all the existing Lifeline content (both on the B2C site, and offline print content) with a “keep, edit, kill,” mentality to determine what could be brought to the new site.

I then designed the sitemap for the new experience. The project team thought it made sense for me to do this instead of UX, since I was fairly Illustrator competent, and I would be the best fit to do it since I knew the content very well after the audit.

Next, after presenting the sitemap to the client and getting buy-in, I partnered with a UX designer to produce a set of annotated wires for the new experience. The wires showed placement and design, and my annotations listed content requirement for each section.

Finally, for the last stretch of the project, I partnered with a team of copywriters to give them direction on tone, voice, and content purpose for each module, which they executed in their writing.

  • Content audit (with “keep, edit, or kill” extension)
  • Sitemap Design
  • Annotated wireframes
  • Tone & Voice Guidelines

This project required multiple checkpoints with the client to align on expectations and information (the B2B PERS market is not at all simple.) Regardless, we were able to deliver a content rich experience on time and in budget the client was pleased with. At the time of writing this, the site is currently under development.

  • Shows ability to take charge of content strategy deliverables throughout project lifecycle
  • Demonstrates versatility and creativity in working with fixed CMS templates and new content
  • Highlights experience with Illustrator, and ability to create sitemaps, wireframes, and other UX deliverable when needed
  • Exemplifies collaborative nature, and desire to work very closely with an internal team and the client
  • Shows editorial thinking and ability to ideate content and tone
  • Demonstrates aptitude to work with detail-heavy content for complex industries and verticals