Verizon ChoiceTV

Messaging strategy and nomenclature for an innovative telecom product

Verizon had asked SapientNitro to handle the digital messaging strategy and content strategy for its new ChoiceTV product, which allowed users to select their own channels from a set of pre-made bundles, rather than get channels they don’t want as part of strict TV plan.


The content strategy approach for this project was twofold. First, I had to evaluate the entire Verizon website to locate areas where it made sense to create content for ChoiceTV based on the logic and topic of the page. Then, I had to go a step further, and provide directional strategy to the copywriter on what to name the actual channel bundles, and what new content should say.

  • Page-level content strategy evaluation
  • Messaging strategy and tone of voice guidance
  • Nomenclature development

To date, Verizon has taken our direction with their ChoiceTV messaging and placement, and this information lives in multiple areas across their site.

  • Shows ability to develop product messaging strategy and messaging placement
  • Demonstrates collaborative nature with copywriting to develop nomenclature and language