Verizon Digital Brand Identity

Making digital brand guidelines useful and usable

Verizon’s digital brand team had built an impressive library containing guidelines for all their digital brand assets. This library was meant to be used by copywriters and designers across agencies to assure that consistent work came out of each.

However, their brand voice guidelines, a key document for writers, had not been digitized. It existed in an offline, print document that was heavily detailed and exhaustive. The ask for content strategy at SapientNitro here, was to discover the most important pieces of the document, and give guidance for how to best digitize it to make it usable for writers and editors.

My contributions on this project began with me doing a thorough read of the entire document to get a feel for what worked and what didn’t work at the copy and linguistic level.

I then set to the task of doing some information architecture work. I put the doc’s table of contents (its navigation, for all intents and purposes) up on a whiteboard to see if the structure was intuitive and usable.

Afterwards, I researched usability best practices to try and find insights to back up my direction and thinking.

Finally, I synthesized all of my critiques into a presentation, showed it to the client, and turned the document back over to them to digitize.

  • Recommendations Deck (included insights, thinking, and suggestions)

The client was very receptive to the work, and intends to put the recommendations in practice before digitizing the document in their brand center.

  • Shows ability of content strategy to work with offline documentation to increase usability
  • Demonstrates content strategy’s ability to think about various use cases for content
  • Exemplifies research and insights capabilities