Verizon Mobile Upgrade Center

A complex requirements exercise, gesturing towards personalization

Verizon wanted to get more existing customers¬†to upgrade their services via mobile. As part of their upsell strategy, they had already recognized that they had 8 distinct use-cases, and wanted guidance for how to funnel each use-case into their newly created “upgrade center.”

Part of this ask, in addition to detailed wires and designs, was figuring out what type of content could move each use case through the process, and where¬†that content should appear on the site. Although the technical components weren’t in place, they were essentially asking for the beginnings of a personalization strategy.

Dealing with a personalization-like ask is difficult for any content strategist. This project required me to not just take content type for each use case into account, but to also consider location and reusability. The business couldn’t allocate significant resources to content development, so I had to be smart about the amount and scale of what I was proposing.

I crystallized all of my thinking into a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet that took all of these factors into account.

  • Content requirements and personalization document

Both the internal team and the client took my thinking into account to create wires and designs. The effort is still under development today, and should hit the live site fairly soon.

  • Shows ability to think about personalization strategy, and to handle multiple dimensions of content requirements
  • Demonstrates thinking around multiple use cases in regards to site flow and content purpose
  • Makes clear capability to handle complex requirements, and synthesize them into a comprehensive document