Verizon Quantum

Messaging Strategy and Copywriting for a Premium Product

Verizon FiOS recently started calling some of their products “Quantum.” The team hadn’t defined what Quantum was, or what it meant, and they were noticing that their users didn’t quite understand either. Products that appeared to be on the higher end of the FiOS offering just had the “Quantum” tag tapped onto them.

Verizon tasked Sapient with defining a messaging strategy for Quantum, and executing on that strategy with new content or content placement.

This project, as with most Verizon projects, had a heavy content strategy component. I did both user and brand research to come up with a brand and messaging positioning document for Quantum. After getting buy-in from the Verizon team on the strategy, I executed as well, and wrote the copy for the new modules I was proposing according to my strategy. A visual designer then took that direction, laid it out, and passed the content over to Verizon to upload it to their site.

  • Messaging and Brand Strategy deck (contained both brand and user research with creative angle)
  • Copy deck for new modules

The Verizon team was incredibly pleased with the strategy document, and even happier when they saw the copy and visual play out on the page. The modules exist on the site today.

  • Shows aptitude for developing both brand and messaging strategy based on research and insight
  • Demonstrates¬†ability to write copy and execute creative direction for content