Verizon Sohalo Execution

Content Strategy across an ecosystem to increase user acquisition

Verizon was creating a new entertainment platform for their users, internally referred to by the software it was run on: Sohalo.

Sohalo contained entertainment (on demand movies, trivia, pop culture articles, etc.) for existing Verizon customers, and was meant to be a customer engagement platform. Since it was new, though, Verizon needed to figure out how they could increase acquisition through their already existing channels. Content strategy was asked to evaluate existing content opportunities for SoHalo messaging.

For this project, I spent time with a social strategist going through all of Verizon’s existing channels for their current user base. After examining all of the pages for logical locations, we did some thinking on what kind of content and messaging we could use to mention SoHalo.

  • Content & Social Messaging and Placement Deck (in conjunction with social strategy)

Verizon was happy with our recommendations, and is prioritizing which placements and messages to roll out first.

  • Shows ability to think about social content, and work in conjunction with a social strategist
  • Demonstrates content strategy ability for acquisition projects