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Hi there, and welcome to my portfolio! I’m a content strategist and writer currently working at SapientNitro Boston. Check out this site to get a read on my work, thoughts, and skills.

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And yes, people other than my Mom read it. Check out my thoughts on everything from content strategy to generational angst.

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Have an exciting new opportunity? Thoughts on a blog post? New theory on quantum mechanics? I’m all ears.

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I make your web content more engaging, usable, and valuable

By developing user-focused, creative content strategies, I make sure that what you put on the web (articles, images, videos, testimonials, infographics—you name it) looks, functions, and performs fantastically. But, don't just take my word for it... View my work

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Jack of (a few) trades

Content & Copy are my bread and butter, but I have a few skills across other creative and strategic disciplines, too. I'm a firm-believer that interdisciplinary understanding leads to happier projects for all
  • Content Strategy 95%
  • User-Experience Design 95%
  • Copywriting 90%
  • Brand Strategy 85%
  • Social Strategy 85%
  • Project Management 75%
  • Visual Design 65%
  • Front-End Development 65%

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