Content Strategy for the ads and video teams 

Featured Project

Facebook Watch

I led content strategy for Facebook’s largest, planned video viewing surface. This involved everything from creating complex show and movie taxonomies, snappy carousel headlines, cultural event content guidelines, and relevant push notifications. As comes with the territory, it also involved a lot of cross-functional collaboration. 

Featured Project

Ad Experimentation Suite

Advertisers on Facebook need to understand their ROI. Facebook’s suite of experimentation projects—Lift, Split Testing, Test and Learn—help advertisers get comfortable with ad testing so that they can be more scientific in their planning.

My work helped make these incredibly complex, empirical tools, easy for advertisers to understand with simple terminology, clear UI content, documented metric tooltips, and more. 


Featured Project


Tiktok and short, looping videos have taken the world by storm. Facebook’s response to TikTok’s entrance in the US market for this content was Lasso—an app that allowed teens and young adults to easily create their own videos, participate in challenges, and get their friends involved too. 

I built the language in this app from the ground up, partnering with PM and Product Design to attend research sessions, produce an overall content strategy, document terminology, write all the strings, name the product, localize it, and more. Lasso remains one of the highlights in my career to this day!