Editorial work for 10+ Fortune 500’s

SapientNitro is now better known as “Publicis.Sapient” after its acquisition from the Publicis Groupe. My clients during my tenure there included Loblaws, Verizon, Philips, Traveler’s, FCA, PG&E, Petco, Citizen’s Bank, Frye, and Enactus. The work ranged from more traditional content strategy, like editorial guidelines and brand planning, to actual UI copywriting, to content management and modeling. I’ve picked a small batch of my favorite projects to show below. 

Featured Project

Custom TV

Verizon was an early innovator when it came to designing your own cable package. I worked on the product naming, content strategy, and UI copy for their first early offering in the space—Custom TV. This has since been subsumed under the umbrella of Fios TV, but at the time, it felt pretty damn cool to be “reinventing” cable ;). 


Featured Project

Philips Lifeline

As the name implies, Lifeline literally saves lives: it’s one of the most impactful medical devices on the market. I had the pleasure of working on the IA, site structure, content strategy, and UI content for Lifeline’s B2C site and their separate B2B site, which marketed itself more towards hospitals and care facilities. 



Featured Project

PG&E Website

2016 was an interesting year in my life. I lived in Boston, but was on a cross-country flight to San Francisco every other week. Why? Well, I was the lead content strategist on PG&E’s massive WCAG 2.0 website update and there was A LOT of content to account for. I audited, critiqued, strategized, and planned for an entire content overhaul of the site with the help of 2 content strategists reporting to me, and a whole team of copywriters using my source docs to generate the actual words themselves. I also got to head to India for 2 weeks to directly oversee the site’s implementation!