My work philosophy

Magic happens when editorial excellence meets cross-functional collaboration

Content is multidisciplinary and messy. Doing it well requires a unique mix of editorial excellence, marketing savvy, dedication to design quality, knowledge of content delivery systems, appreciation for localization, and a cross-functional attitude to tie it all together. I’ve built those chops up over the years across multiple different professional environments. 

Below, I’ve shared some of the end-products of my work. Perhaps not obvious in the words or pixels themselves is the amount of advocacy, collaboration, and iteration that went into each project. As I get more senior in my career, I’m beginning to enjoy the soft-skills that support the work—building processes, teams, and governance for content design—just as much as the actual execution.

As I continue to manage more junior content strategists and be the sole ‘pioneer’ for UX writing in more organizations, I look forward to building excellence in that side of the discipline, too.