Hi, nice to internet meet you

When I was 6-years old, I won the summer reading award for most books read over the summer. I won that same award every year until the 7th grade, when they didn’t give it out anymore. I blame both my life’s passion and painful prepubescent awkwardness on that endeavor.

I’m an overly curious, driven writer with a passion for stories: the kinds that live in books, and the ones on the web. Whether it’s a renowned author, a brand, or your neighbor’s dog, I believe that every semi-sentient thing has something it’s trying to say, and a group of people (somewhere) that want to listen. There are no good or bad stories: just ones that fall on the right ears, and ones that don’t. Great experiences happen when the former occurs; not-so-great ones when the latter.

I help brands figure out what they should be saying, and who they should be saying it to. On a day-to-day basis, that takes a variety of forms: from messaging strategy decks, to content audits, content marketing plans, content matrices, content models, wireframes, and more. If it contains information and lives in a digital environment, I’m interested in it.

Professionally, my love of content first took me to Paytronix Systems, a technology company in Newton. After putting their company blog and content strategy into place, I moved onto my next challenge at digital powerhouse SapientNitro, where I’ve been helping major brands from Verizon to Philips tell their stories and delight their audiences.

If content strategy is my Clark Kent, writing is my Superman. After hours, you can catch me writing for the Huffington Post, freelancing for a few other blogs, and most importantly, working away at my young adult novel.

Here’s a small list of things I would enjoy hearing about from you, mysterious unidentified reader.

  • Exciting full-time opportunities at your digital agency or technology company (not actively looking, but maybe you can convince me!)
  • Fun freelance/part-time opportunities I can do on the side in addition to my full-time trabajo
  • Thoughts on a blog post, or any other piece of writing I have floating around on the interwebz
  • Representation from your literary agency for my young adult novel (srsly: if this is you, please oh please just contact me now)
  • An opportunity for a collaborative or guest blog post for your site
  • A haiku you composed/thought up while looking at this site
  • The subscription for your mail order bride service, which you sent to my spam folder, but I somehow lost. (kidding, kidding.)

After graduating from Revere High School in 2010, I went on to attend Tufts University, where I obtained my BA in English Literature in December 2013. 

I spent the 2012-2013 academic year studying abroad at the Pembroke College, a part of the University of Oxford. When I left Oxford with an enormous amount of biscuits, tea, and academic credits, I was able to finish my undergrad back at Tufts a bit early in 2013. 

Due to masochistic educational tendencies, I immediately enrolled in Harvard Business School’s online CORe program upon graduation, where I got a crash course in Economics, Analytics, Financial Accounting, and many other practical things not related to Henry James or Oscar Wilde.

Some of my technical skills include:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • WordPress
  • Social Media
  • Keynote

Some of my favorite things include:

  • Great stories or books
  • Monthly “Best vine” compilations on Youtube (look them up, you’ll die)
  • Sunny weather
  • The beach
  • Pizza (my one true love)
  • Beer and wine
  • Dancing
  • Sunrises
  • Strawberry flavored anything
  • Public transportation
  • Music
  • Momofuku crack pie (come to NYC and try this if you have no idea what I am talking about)
  • (Parenthetical phrases)

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