Uber Eats

Pioneering UX Writing

At Uber Eats, I’m the lead UX writer for the restaurant product team—and thereby the entire New York office. While I’ve shared mostly product work below, what’s not represented is the hours spent creating centralized style guides, prioritizing projects, managing interns, and the general advocacy needed to get a company comfortable with content strategy as a discipline. 

Featured Project

Restaurant Manager

I oversee all of the product content for our Restaurant Manager surface. Owners use RM to create promotions, edit their menus, view sales data, and do other administrative tasks. It’s our headline product for the restaurant industry, and as such, an incredibly high value surface. 

Featured Project

Restaurant Dashboard

Dashboard is the companion product to Manager. It is usually run on a tablet that sits in the restaurant and allows store staff to get, manage, and fulfill orders on Uber Eats. Dashboard is quite the interesting UX challenge as it exists in a chaotic environment, has constant user churn (and thereby constant user re-education) and needs to be incredibly concise and clear.